Exhibit No. 43: Rs. 4 to a Hindu male and Rs. 2 to a Hindu female on conversion. Siyah Akhbarat-i-Darbar-i- Mu‘alla Julus (R.Yr.) 28 Jamadi I, 12 / 7th April 1685.

"(The Emperor) ordered Jumadat-ul-Mulk to write to all the Faudjars and Diwans of the kingdom that each Hindu male who becomes a Musalman, is to be given Rupees four and each Hindu woman Rupees two, as fixed by us, from the treasury of the place, by way of inam.

Those who become Musalman out of devotion for Din (Islam), in their case, the award of money in future be stopped."


The amount offered as an inducement for conversion was substantial and amounted to almost one month's wages of a worker in case of a Hindu male.

The document forms one of the most unabashed statement and the severest indictment on the methods adopted in spreading Islam in India, and this was being done even more than four hundred after the establishment of Muslim rule in India (c. 1200 A.D.)!